Here’s a unique opportinity to own iconic Talk Talk band images on bespoke mechandise by the band’s ‘artistic frontman’. Our aim is to indulge the enduring Talk Talk community, whilst stemming the flow of inferior pirated merchandise continuesly tempting the band’s loyal following.

“Please evade other companies touting Talk Talk artwork images on anything except official music packaging. Thanks for your support in this endeavour" - James Marsh

Authentic Merchandise

James Marsh Music Moth music artwork on clothing
02 COMMISSION US VISIT KOOKYZOO talk talk band merchandise

Our exclusive ‘Talkware’ product range incorporates original Talk Talk band album artwork, all designed & re-imagined by James Marsh.

We also offer a Bespoke service to incorporate these images on other merchandise.

For more JM images on a wider range of eco-friendly merchandise, please visit kookyzoo®